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Young Inventors' Competition

Young Inventors' Competition

Have a great idea for an invention? Submit it during the month of April. The top submission for ages 6-11 and 12-18 age categories will win an Amazon gift card. Click for submission guidelines.

Saturday, April 29, 2017
All Day Event
Elementary Teen

Contest Rules:

1. Inventions must be original ideas of the inventor. Inventions cannot be machines, gadgets, devices etc. that already exist
2. Inventors must complete the submission form (to be posted shortly)
3. Inventors should describe their ideas/inventions in detail to the best of their ability. Supporting materials such as images and diagrams can be attached to the submission.
4. Inventions of weapons or devices intended to cause harm will not be accepted.
5. Entries must include: Invention name, problem that the invention or idea solves, and how the invention functions (What does it do? How does it work? What powers the inventions?)

Inventions submission forms must be provided to the library by April 29. Complete the online submission form here.

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