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Dungeons & Dragons Meet-up

Dungeons & Dragons Meet-up

Our story starts just outside the city of Pearlebrooke, part of the Eswanaian empire. Pearlebrook's central location has made it a giant among the trade cities; it is also known as the authority of all things fashionable. Generalized tension fills the rumor mill, everything from a dwarven retaliation to the kings new fool proof clothes has been whispered about in the streets. However, today started like any other day, with an angry innkeeper's long nose pointed directly between your eyes. "So which is it? Pay-up or move on!"

Join us in cooperatively telling the story of a few intrepid adventurers just trying to survive in a world filled with conflict. We start at 5:30 PM on Sept 12th 2019. All skill levels are encouraged and new adventurers are always welcome. Players should have a character sheet which is available from dndbeyond.com, or a paper version. Please try to bring your own dice set. Registration is requested but not required. Pre-regestration with the library staff is highly encouraged, an additional email to the dungeon master, Thomas Watkins, at thom.watk@outlook.com will get a larger taste of the backstory of the realm as well as personalized backstory integration with the upcoming campaign and a unique item.

All ages welcome. Adult supervision preferred for kids under 10 years old.

Thursday, September 12, 2019
5:30pm - 7:45pm
Lobby (North Suffolk)
North Suffolk Library
Adult Teen
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